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Description"SCARYBIRD" sarl  is a young  French company. We produce NEW ECOLOGICAL device for bird pests rejecting. It is especially made to use at all types of agriculture space (fields, orchards, vineyards, fishponds...), also can be used at marinas, houses, airports.  We sell it all over Western Europe, from Norway to Portugal, from Netherlands to Italy, also in  USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Australia. From last year product is available at Serbia and Hungary ! Still looking for distributors in the CEE and Balcan region.
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Innovative technologies in agriculture

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    Sale of device for bird pests rejection. Looking for distributor in: East Europe and Balcans !

    As is known, various birds of pests (nodes, pigeons, sparrows, herds, spurs, seeds, gulls, ravenes, cormorants) cause great damage to all types of agricultural land (field crops, vineyards, orchards, fishponds ... ), but also on irrigation systems, silage bags, stables and other facilities. This causes major headaches to agricultural producers. Damage sometimes rises to 50%, which represents a large loss of yield.

    Experts from the French company SCARYBIRD have observed by observation that smaller birds are afraid of only a large predator who refuses them by their very appearance. Therefore, from special materials, a dragon with a look of a grabber (eagle, hawk, falcon) was constructed from the special materials, which winds up at the top of the special telescope of the rod by the wind (min 2km / h), thus mimicking the flight of the great predator in a completely irregular and asymmetrical flight. The device has shown high efficiency, 100% is environmentally friendly, it does not consume energy except the wind, it is not noisy, it is not invasive, it is easily mounted and transferred, and most importantly, it is not expensive and it takes more seasons!

    In conditions of square or slightly rectangular terrain, the device covers an area of about 1 ha without shelter (buildings, forests).

    The device is interesting for farmers, seeders, fruit growers, vine producers, vegetable growers and others. SPECIALLY INTERESTING FOR ORGANIC FOOD MANUFACTURERS! Can be used at airports, marinas and buildings against bats, gulls and pigeons. Professional materials of high strength and required elasticity (fiberglass, aluminum, high-strength steel, double knitted and UV-treated cloth, kevlar) were used in the construction, resistant to various atmospheric influences. The installation is simple and takes about 5 minutes, which means firstly installing a ground stand (fiberglass, full profile), to which a telescope rod (6m or 9m height) is placed on the top of which the dragon (155x55cm) has been hooked. The device is set only when the need arises, and it is removed when the problem passes. For more information, please visit our official site www.scarybird.com, which is done in several languages or contact us.

    We are looking for distributors in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey !

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