Senka Gajinov

Product manager
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DunavNET was established in 2006, with offices in Novi Sad (Serbia) and Dublin (Ireland). The main fields of expertise are IoT (Internet of Things), data analytics and cloud technologies. The company designs and implements turnkey IoT solutions, using Microsoft Azure as the underlying cloud and IoT platform. Domains addressed cover transport, utility services, agriculture, manufacturing, environment and retail.

The company is very active in research and innovation domain and participates in international collaborative projects in the domains of advancing IoT technologies and piloting new solutions in different domains. Leveraging innovation generated in these projects, the company develops IoT and cloud based solutions addressing the needs of smart city and food production and supply stakeholders.

The company is Microsoft’s Silver partner for IoT/cloud domains. Our internal organization and processes are compliant with international ISO standards 9001 and 27001.

Organization Type Company
CityNovi Sad, Antona Cehova 1 Google map
Areas of Activities

Innovative technologies in agriculture


    agroNET - cloud based platform that enable complete farm asset and activities management.

    agroNET is cloud based platform acting as the interoperability hub for all farm operations, enabling complete farm asset (tractors, machinery, irrigation systems, diesel generators, weather stations, insect traps, sensors etc.) and activities management and monitoring which is the basic building block of digital farming. The platform provides a range of expert data analytics services designed to provide just-in-time guidance and support to farmers and to enable advanced automation of activities and labor savings. Experts data analytics services are provided through different expert modules which are designed and implemented in collaboration with relevant agriculture experts, and are validated in collaboration with the end users.

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