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DescriptionFor nearly 79 years, Reynaud Cauvin-Yvose has put all his energy and all his skills into the development of technical textile solutions that contribute to the protection and safety of people and goods in the Humanitarian Affairs, Industry, Defence, Civil Defence and Environmental Protection market.

A small family business founded in 1933, Reynaud Cauvin-Yvose specialises in the manufacture of technical textile fabrics. It has extended its scope and markets to now have thirty employees at its production site based in Louhans (Saône et Loire).

On the strength of this development, RCY joined the BHD group in 2004, no. 1 French company in the manufacture of technical fabrics. For nearly 40 years, the BHD Group has put all its energy and expertise into the development of composite textile solutions that contribute to the protection and safety of people and goods around the world in markets like textile architecture, the environment, AGRICULTURE, civil defence, aerospace, military, sports and outdoor recreation, events, transport and industry.
Organization Type Company
CityLouhans, Z.I. de l’Aupretin- Rue Nicéphore Niepce Google map
Areas of Activities

Processing and greenhouse equipment

    Innovative technologies in agriculture

      Offer & Request

      Agricultural tunnels flexible tanks, curtains and geomembranes. Need distributors at Balcan

      AGRICULTURAL CURTAINS - Essential protection of livestock and equipment, our windbreak curtains are perfectly adapted to the climatic requirements of your building.

      AGRICULTURAL STORAGE TUNNELS - Agricultural tunnels make it possible to store fodder, protect livestock and store agricultural machinery and equipment.

      FLEXIBLE TANKS - Flexible tanks are an easy, quick and affordable solution for storing all types of liquids: agricultural effluents, liquid fertilizers, rainwater, drinkable water etc.

      GEOMEMBRANES - Underground retention basin, including a PVC waterproofing membrane. It allows you to create basins for the retention of agricultural effluents, irrigation or creation of fire fighting tank.

      WE ALSO PRODUCE - flood barriers, oil spill booms, inflatable tents, other flexible tanks, transport tarpaulins and industry solutions !

      RCY: The technical textiles specialist

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